Working again with Doris Uhlich for Habitat /Munich - pandemic version

Habitat/Halle E copyright by Katarina Šoškić
Habitat/Halle E copyright by Katarina Šoškić

Very happy to be back with Doris Uhlich and her amazing team in Habitat. This time in Münchner Kammerspiele with the "pandemic version".
My role is the one of "choreografische Mitarbeit" together with my colleague Robyn / Hugo le Brigand - excited about diving back into this wonderful and strong piece!

Check your tickets:


Choreografie: Doris Uhlich

DJ: Boris Kopeinig

Performance Lokaler Cast aus München

Lichtdesign— Sergio Pessanha

Dramaturgie— Rania Mleihi

Choreografische Mitarbeit— Hugo Le Brigand, Katharina Senk

Körpertanks Proper space— Zarah Brandl, Juliette Collas

Konfektionsfertigung, Maßschneiderei— Mick Hennig

Produktion— Nikoletta Fischer

Produktion Münchner Kammerspiele— Maja Polk

Administration— Margot Wehinger

Presse, Kommunikation— Jonathan Hörnig

International Distribution— Something Great

super[human] is back!

copyright by Max Biskup
copyright by Max Biskup

super[human] finally is back in the Public Space - this time in Salzburg in collaboration with "Kulturschiene Salzburg" - we can´t wait to cyborg you!
Come and watch us perform on Wednesday 21st of October at 15:00 and 16:00 right in front of the Salzburg Main Train Station.

Find more details here:

production: D.ID - Dance Identity
concept and choreography: Katharina Senk
mentoring: Liz King and Max Biskup
costumes: Gera Graf
dance, co-creation and performance: Katharina Senk, Robyn Hugo le Brigand, Maartje Pasman, Harmen Tromp and Laureen Drexler
supported by Bundeskanzleramt Österreich & Burgenland Kultur


Senki-Classes in Fall

copyright by René Baumgartner
copyright by René Baumgartner

Summer with so many wonderful workshops is over, so it´s time to move back to regular dance classes at beat1060 or even online:

at your home:
Wednesday from 17:00-18:30

Saturday at beat1060:
Improvisation 12:10-13:40
Contemporary Basic 13:50-14:20

From November onwards at beat1060:
Contemporary meets Martial Arts

Thursday from 18:00-19:30

For more details please have a look at:


Looking forward to dancing with you!

Sommer-Workshops im beat1060

coypright by Michele Venice
coypright by Michele Venice

Summertime is Workshoptime!
Very much looking forward to a summer full of movement, exploration and curiousity within the frame of the Summerworkshops and the one and only beat1060.

I´ll be holding following workshops:
Contemporary Basic from 27.07.-30.07. from 18:00-19:30
Improvisation from 27.07.-30.07. from 19:40-21:10
Contemporary meets Martial Arts from 10.08-13.08
from 18:00-19:30

Check out the website from beat1060 for closer details and  to book and secure your spot:
Can´t wait to move with you!


Public Moves at ImPulsTanz 2020

coypright by Stefan Brandstetter
coypright by Stefan Brandstetter

I´m very happy to announce that together with so many most amazing colleagues I will be facilitating workshops within the frame of Public Moves by ImPulsTanz-Festival in outdoor-settings all over Vienna.

It´s free (!) but places are limited - so don´t forget to register one or two days in advance via their website.
Thanks to the ImPulsTanz-team for making this possible and yeeeeeees, i´m looking forward to dancing and sweating with you - let´s move Vienna!

Check out the schedule and the fabulous workshop-programme here:

New Art on...line

brut Wien invited my dearest colleague Tanja Erhart in London and me in Vienna to showcase our work on their Online-Plattform "New Art on...line". We are so grateful for this opportunity and came up with "CROSS_BORDER_BALANCE – A GAME" And everyone is invited to play it and enjoy it! Let us know how it was for you playing the game! 


Loads of Love,

Katharina, Tanja & The Two Crutches 

Here the Link for more Details about Tanjas and my Collaboration:


We want to thank brut Wien for their support and for inviting us to „New Art on…line“. And we thank our collaborators and supporters METAL Culture UK, Im_Flieger KünstlerInnen-Initiative, Mollusca productions, beat1060 Wien, MA 7 - Abteilung für Kunst & Kultur, D.ID - Dance Identity and ImPulsTanz-Festival Vienna. DANKE!

Online-Dance-Classes and Saturdance

I will be teaching a SATURDANCE exploring Contemporary Improvisation for "Tanz die Toleranz" online on 23rd of May. It will be online at 13:00.
Have fun and enjoy! I felt so vulnerable and strong after producing it, so I´m very excited how it will move you!
Here you can finde the link to their You-Tube-Channel:

And currently I am regularly teaching online Classes via Zoom for beat1060.
Closer Details you can find here:

Never not dancing! 
Never not sharing the dancelove!


Dear all,
There´s a long list of amazing projects, which were cancelled and postponed due to the Covid-19-Virus. I´m curious what fall will bring and I send my good vibes and energy to all my friends and  folks out there, who are struggling and suffering in these times.
Let´s stay strong and safe together!
Dance is always with us and it will be back on stage sooner or later! And until then let´s keep on dancing on our own and together with our dear friends and colleagues online.

digital spring festival.

„Seid unschlungen“; Katharina Senk und Richard Eigner in einer performativen Begegnung mit „Rope“ von Ief Spincemaille; im Rahmen der Eröffnung des „Sinnesrausch 2019“; eine Kooperation des Oberösterreichischen Kulturquartier mit SCHÄXPIR-Festival; Konzept und Idee: Julia Ransmayr; copyright by Timar Gergely
„Seid unschlungen“; Katharina Senk und Richard Eigner in einer performativen Begegnung mit „Rope“ von Ief Spincemaille; im Rahmen der Eröffnung des „Sinnesrausch 2019“; eine Kooperation des Oberösterreichischen Kulturquartier mit SCHÄXPIR-Festival; Konzept und Idee: Julia Ransmayr; copyright by Timar Gergely

Together with my dear colleague Richard Eigner we will premiere our new interdisciplinary collaboration "states of readiness" on March 21st in the frame of "Digital Spring 2020"-Media-Art-Festival at ARGE-Kultur in Salzburg.
We are very excited about this great opportunity and looking forward to welcoming you in the audience!


STATES OF READINESS addresses human, moved and sounding standby modes. In their dance- and music-performance, Katharina Senk and Richard Eigner invite the audience to physically perceive the dualism of ‚activity‘ and ‚passivity‘ and the numerous nuances, which exist in between these two opposite poles.

The Duett offers musical and embodied (new-)interpretations of the notion of standby. The concept of readiness is not perceived through its digital value, but rather renegotiated regarding its potential of creating interpersonal and interdisciplinary relations.

For closer details and to book your tickets please have a look at:

"handle with care" at imagetanz-festival

copyright by Michael Bause
copyright by Michael Bause

Tanja Erharts and my collaboration j_e_n_g_a is in the middle of its creation and we are so happy being given the possibility to share some insights of our process with you in the frame of handle with care at this years imagetanz-festival by brut Wien and the audience-club "BEATE".

For closer details and to book your tickets please have a look at:

j_e_n_g_a ist eine Choreografie für zwei Krücken und zwei Tänzerinnen – Katharina Senk und Tanja Erhart. Mit einem feministischen Ansatz erkunden sie jene Zwischen_Räume des Seins, die sie als eine neuartige Auseinandersetzung mit Be_hinderung, queerer Belebtheit von Dingen und die Schaffung neuer Körper-Subjektivitäten begreifen. Die Performerinnen geben im Rahmen der Reihe Handle with care bei diesem Studiobesuch Einblicke in den Schaffensprozess von j_e_n_g_a.



Konzept, Entwicklung & Performance: Tanja Erhart and Katharina Senk
Produktion: mollusca-productions

Mit freundlicher Untertstützung von Metal Culture (UK), D.ID - Dance Identity (AT) und Im_flieger - KünstlerInnen_Initiative (AT)

senki teaching.

copyright by Kaladeepam Dance School
copyright by Kaladeepam Dance School

Summer-Semester has started and the dance-sharing at beat1060 continues!
I am happy to regularly facilitate Saturdays dance classes as the best and most colorful dance studio in town. Come, join and enjoy!

On Saturdays:
IMPROVISATION 12:50 - 14:20
CONTEMPORARY basic 14:25-15:55

For closer details and my teaching dates please have a look at:


Also, I will be teaching two workshops at this years edition of Easter Dance Days from April 6th-9th in Linz (AT). 
More details up soon!

shakti. final weeks.

copyright by Stefan Brandstetter
copyright by Stefan Brandstetter

Anjana MR and me are in the second part of our SHAKTI-project, traveling all over Kerala to conduct workshops and perform together. We are very grateful for the support of our SHAKTI in the frame of "Bilateral Artistic Exchange" by Bundeskanzleramt. And we also want to thank beat1060 and Hindustan Kalari Sangham for their support.

Our final report and many pictures will be available end of December in the "Portfolio"-Section of this Website. 
Until then: Loads of SHAKTI to all of you!

non_yielding: berlin - bangalore - version

We did it!
Our performance of "non_yielding"-Berlin-Bangalore-Version at "NO LIMITS"-Festival went well.
And Tanja Erhart and me had an interview with an Indian Newspaper. Check it out!

Thanks to "NO LIMITS"-Festival Berlin, Goethe-Institut Bangalore, Sophiensaele Berlin, Metal Culture and their amazing Team - who keep supporting us and allowed us to get all of this started in 2018. And also to beat1060, D.ID-Dance Identity and ImPulsTanz-Vienna who supported us with rehearsal and residency-space. And love to everyone who came and joined the performance. 


Doris Uhlich; "Habitat /Halle E"; copyright by Theresa Rauter
Doris Uhlich; "Habitat /Halle E"; copyright by Theresa Rauter

"Habitat" is over. 120 performers. Over 1800 audience members. Sharing energies, vibrations, realities.  A dream. And I haven´t woken up yet. 

There are no words to describe how I feel about Habitat. There´s gratitude - my flesh is full of it - for being part of this project in the "choreographic realization".
Thank you. To the one and only Doris Uhlich, to her artistic Team, to Boris Kopeinig, my dear colleagues, to TQW and to all the amazing performers. You make my heart dance. Boom Tschak.

super[human] on tour

copyright by Front@-Festival / photography by Nicky Webb
copyright by Front@-Festival / photography by Nicky Webb

My first large-scale choreographic group-piece super[human] will have the last stop of its summer-tour at amazing "Front@ Festival" on the 30th of August in Murska Sobota in Slovenia.
After performing at "Lange Nacht des Tanzes" on the 26th of July in Gmünd (Kärnten) for the "Choreographic Center Bleiburg" we can´t wait to perform the dancing cyborgs again!

For closer details please have a look here:

habitat with doris uhlich

Habitat / Halle E © Katarina Šoškić
Habitat / Halle E © Katarina Šoškić

I am most happy and grateful to anounce my participation in the new performance "Habitat" by Doris Uhlich as part of the core-team for the choreographic realization.
Vienna, get ready for 120 bodies boom-tschaking vienna at TQW and Halle E!

For closer details please have a look here:

non_yielding cotinues...

Jeremy Wade "Future Clinic for Critical Care" © Jeremy Wade
Jeremy Wade "Future Clinic for Critical Care" © Jeremy Wade

Tanja Erhart and me had the opportunity to showcase a small part of our piece "non_yielding" at the "FCCC - Future Clinic for Critical Care"- Symposium hosted by wonderful Nina Mühlemann, Jeremy Wade and the one and only Tanja Erhart next to many other great artists and most important discussions at the "ImPulsTanz"- Festival on August  4th.
Tanja and me are very happy to continue our work on "non_yielding" and we´ll be back on stage in November 2019.

Stay tuned - this is hot!

final mbmb-symposium

copyright by MBMB
copyright by MBMB

Migrant Bodies - Moving Borders had its final symposium this weekend.
Oh, what a journey this has been. So far.
I’d like to borrow the words of my dearest colleague Andrea Rampazzo:
“This is not the end. This is just the beginning of something I can’t imagine yet.”

I’m bursting with gratitude. I’m moved. I’m connected. To myself. To the world and to a community which believes in the power of Dance.

Thanks and all my love to every body participating in this project!
You´ve got my love.

senki-summer-teaching at beat1060

Class in the frame of SHAKTI-Project; copyright by Michelle Venice; ig: michele.venis
Class in the frame of SHAKTI-Project; copyright by Michelle Venice; ig: michele.venis

I will be offering three workshops as part of the beat1060-summer-schedule. And I can´t wait to share, shake and sweat with you!

In the week of 29.07. - 01.08.2019:
18:00-19:30 Contemporary Basic
19:35-21:05 Contemporary meets Martial Arts (based on Kalari)

In the week of 05.08. - 08.08.2019:
19:35-21:05 Contemp. Improvisation

For closer details and your registration please go to:

we rocked [white hole]

copyright by Reinhard Winkler
copyright by Reinhard Winkler

Maartje Pasman and me had a wonderful premiere and amazing shows at SCHÄXPIR-Festival 2019.
We are more than grateful for having the chance to turn Kulturtankstelle Linz into a [white hole].
Thanks to the great SCHÄXPIR-team and their technical-crew, to Laurent Ziegler for his photography and his light-design and to Patrick Gutensohn for his sound-design. And thanks to every body -of all ages- in the audience!
The trailer is in the making. Stay tuned!

[white hole]: premiere at schäxpir-festival

copyright by Laurent Ziegler
copyright by Laurent Ziegler

The great Maartje Pasman and me will create a Performance for Schäxpir-Festival in Linz. Schäxpir is THE Dance- and Theatre-Festival for Young Audience. We are very grateful for this  opportunity and the support of our fellow-artists Patrick Gutensohn and Laurent Ziegler.


Please find all the Details and Dates here:


[white hole] ist eine bewegte, inter-aktive und multi-sensorische Expedition in eine neue Wirklichkeit.

Die Kulturtankstelle Linz wird in ein „weißes Loch“, in eine Begegnungszone mit den Körpern der Gegenwart und Zukunft verwandelt. Es entstehen (Möglichkeits-)Räume für Menschen, Maschinen, Cyborgs und allem was dazwischen existiert.


SCHÄXPIR - Koproduktion
Von & mit: Katharina Senk, Maartje Pasman
Sound: Patrick Gutensohn
Photografie & Lichtdesign: Laurent Ziegler

burgenländische tanztage 2019

copyright D.ID - Dance Identity
copyright D.ID - Dance Identity

D.ID - Dance Identity and their "Choreografisches Zentrum Burgenland" will move to "Kulturzentrum Eisenstadt". They will inaugurate this great change with a top-dance-festival: this years edition of Burgenländische Tanztage.

And I´m happy as can be to be part of it. With two productions. 
Our final presentation of the EU-Project Migrant Bodies - Moving Borders and super[human]. Both performed on June 1st. Liz King and Max Biskup are such strong supporters of my work. It´s great to be part of their Perspektiv-Gruppe zur Förderung von NachwuchschoreografInnen. I value their effort and dedication and how much energy they put into the Austrian dance scene.


So come and join the festival! It will be most awesome!


Here the link with all the infos:



copyright by Stefan Brandstetter
copyright by Stefan Brandstetter
Anjana MR and me got funding for "Bilateral Artistic Exchange" by Bundeskanzleramt to work together. We are so grateful for this opportunity. And we also want to thank beat1060 and Hindustan Kalari Sangham for their support.

Here´s more about SHAKTI:

The two dancers Anjana M.R. and Katharina Senk work on the fusion of dance and martial arts in their intercultural project SHAKTI. They explore the impact and the consequences the southern-indian Martial-Arts style of Kalaripayattu has on their individual artistic practice, their bodies, and their respective surrounding societies.
In addition to their research on a personal level, the two dancers question how the practiced and visible (re)presentation of female power are encountered and perceived in their different national and social contexts.
How can the artforms of dance and of martial-arts facilitate a sense of empowerment and safety? In the body? But also in the societies we live in?
SHAKTI is a (warrior)dance for power, security and resilience.

mbmb continues...

copyright by Max Biskup
copyright by Max Biskup

Amazing news from the EU-Project "Migrant Bodies - Moving Boders":
The group of unaccompanied minors in Burgenland, a.k.a. the Rechnitz Crew, are now working once a week for three months with a group of local citizens. Together we are creating an installation that will be shown at the first MBMB presentation in Eisenstadt on June 1st. We are excited about sharing the work and can't wait to see all our international MBMB friends again soon. Come and join us at "Burgenländische Tanztage 2019".
Thanks to D.ID - Dance Identity, Liz King, Max Biskup, Pascal Steiner and every body involved!

bodies & accidents

copyright by Laurent Ziegler
copyright by Laurent Ziegler

Premiere of the new production by Georg Blaschke and Jan Machacek at February 21st. Go and get your tickets!

Choreograf Georg Blaschke und Video- und Medienkünstler Jan Machacek machen das Werk des britischen Jahrhundertmalers Francis Bacon zum Ausgangspunkt ihrer neuen gemeinsamen Arbeit. Der Körper als zentrales Motiv Bacons bildet dabei auch die Basis ihrer Annäherung.

A Production by M.A.P. Vienna and brut wien
Choreografische Leitung: Georg Blaschke
Medienkunst:Jan Machacek
Choreografie, Performance: Katharina Senk, Tomaž Simatović
Musikgestaltung: Christian Schröder
Kostümgestaltung: Hanna Hollmann Lichtgestaltung: Sabine Wiesenbauer Videoprogrammierung: Oliver Stotz Bühnenbau:Leopold Kessler
Fachliche Beratung: Barbara Steffen Produktion: Raffaela Gras


Eine Koproduktion von M.A.P. Vienna 2018 und brut Wien.

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien und der Kulturabteilung des Bundeskanzleramts Österreich.




rosalia chladek reenacted

copyright by Armin Bardel
copyright by Armin Bardel


Catch me perform "Luzifer" and my reenactment of Chladeks "Tanz mit dem Stab". I´m beyond excited. This intergenerational Project is huge!

Im Zuge der von Andrea Amort kuratierten Ausstellung "Alles tanzt. Kosmos Wiener Tanzmoderne" im Theatermuseum Wien stellen TänzerInnen der MUK sowie der freien Wiener Szene Rosalia Chladek Reenacted historische Soli in neuem Gewand vor.

Der Anfang der Ausstellung Alles tanzt. Kosmos Wiener Tanzmoderne in der Schau als auch im Eroica-Saal des Theatermuseums gilt Rosalia Chladek (1905, Brünn – 1995, Wien). Die Choreografin hat in den 1980ern einige ihrer Werke auf junge TänzerInnen übertragen. Deren Kenntnis macht es möglich, dass 2019 eine neue Generation das Potential der Erb-Stücke untersucht. Getanzt werden historische Soli, darunter Luzifer (1938), aber auch Rekonstruktionen und Neubearbeitungen.

Mit Farah Deen, Cäcilia Färber, Eva-Maria Kraft, Katharina Illnar, Eva-Maria Schaller, Katharina Senk sowie Martina Haager und anderen.

Details und Tickets:


senki teaching

Youth Dance Project - Tanz die Toleranz 2018 - copyright by Laurent Ziegler
Youth Dance Project - Tanz die Toleranz 2018 - copyright by Laurent Ziegler

The new semester has started and I´m very happy to announce that I will continue teaching regularly in Vienna.
Let´s shake! And share the dance!

@beat1060 on Saturdays:
12:30-14:00: Contemporary Improvisation
14:05-15:35: Contemporary Basic
For closer details visit:

@Tanzwerkstatt Wien on Tuesdays:
18:30-22:00: 22+ Kurs (substituting for Doris Uhlich)
For more infos go to:

The wonderful picture above was taken at our final performances of the "Youth Dance"-Project in Fall/Winter 2018. I was lucky to work with one amazing group of teenagers and young adults for "Tanz die Toleranz", supported by my assistant Lukasz Czapski. Thanks to the great team of Tanz die Toleranz and every body who made "(be)longing" possible.

Project Youth Dance Herbst 2018
Titel: (be)longing
Choreografie: Katharina Senk
Lichtgestaltung: Sabine Wiesenbauer
Foto: Laurent Ziegler
Tanz die Toleranz 2018



premiere super[human]

a D.ID - Dance Identity Production

choreography: Katharina Senk
performance: Laureen Drexler, Maartje Pasman, Robyn / Hugo le Brigand, Harmen Tromp


1. Dezember 2018
20 Uhr.
Anker. Saal Wien

youth-dance-performance with "tanz die toleranz"

Together with my assistant Lukasz Czapski I had the opportunity of teaching a wonderful and very energetic group in the frame of the "Youth Dance"-Classes each Wednesday at Brunnenpassage Wien for Tanz-die-Toleranz.
We will present the outcome of our three months together on 11th and 12th of December at Brunnenpassage.
Feel free to come and join - they´re rocking it!

mbmb - next phase: research & development

copyright by Max Biskup
copyright by Max Biskup

The next phase of "Migrant Bodies - Moving Borders" - a project supported by "Creative Europe" - has started.
I am grateful for a wonderful and challenging residency in Pinkafeld  (AUT) together with "D.ID - dance identity" at "Woche der Vielfalt". "The week of diversity" was organized by BiP-Pinkafeld and Elias Bierdel and our project was invited to participate. We tested some of our strategies of connecting people with very diverse backgrounds through dance-activities and dance-art, we are now busy collecting our new insights as a team, together with writer Monica Gilette. I am already excited about the final presentations in May, June and July 2019 all over Europe.

TQW tanzquartierwien

copyright by TQW
copyright by TQW

I will be guiding the "Monday Practice" at TQW Vienna from November 12th until December 17th from 9:30-10:30. The motto of our Mondays together will be "Contemporary meets Martial Arts". It will be hot, sweaty, challenging and fun! Brave dancyfancy warriors, come and join!

"Inspiriert durch die jahrtausendealte südindische Kampfkunst Kalaripayattu setzt diese Morning Practice mit Katharina Senk an der Schnittstelle von Tanz und Kampf an. Jede dieser beiden Künste setzt sich auf unterschiedliche Weise mit Körper, Bewusstsein und Präsenz auseinander. Durch das Verbinden dieser beiden Welten werden neue Bewegungsansätze für die Teilnehmer_innen möglich."

For closer details please have a look at the TQW-Website:

rehearsal start with m.a.p.vienna

copyright by brut
copyright by brut

I´m happy to announce my participation as dancer in the upcoming and exciting project from m.a.p. vienna / Georg Blaschke. A collaboration with brut. We´ve already started our research-process as a team. Stay tuned for details.


"Stretching the possibilities of human connection."
The duett "non_yielding" premiered at UNLIMITED-Festival at Southbank Centre in London at September 6th.

"non_yielding" is a live video-dance performance. Interrogating the topic of human, physical, "objectified" and digital connectivity.
We mused on questions arising from the themes exploring physicality across space, time and everything in-between.


Special thanks to Tanja Erhart for her invitation to co-operate and for the CHANGE MAKER-residency, that made this dancy encounter possible.

This was just the first step of a wonderful and very exciting collaboration. More to come!

insect train

copyright by Ali Tollervey
copyright by Ali Tollervey

This summer I was lucky to dance and spider around for Florentina Holzinger and Cecilia Bengoleas "insect train" in the frame of my favourite dance-festival ever - the ImPulsTanz-Festival. Touring dates coming up soon!

finally: again regularly teaching in vienna

The next couple of months I´ll spend more time in Austria and I´ll go back to teaching and sharing the dance on a more regular basis.

at beat1060
on Saturdays
together with the wonderful Christina Böhm
More Details here:

"Youth Dance"
at Tanz die Toleranz
on Wednesdays
from 17:00-19:00
More Details here:


"Contemporary meets Martial Arts"
at TQW-Wien
more details to be announced!


guestteacher at MUK-university

A bit more than three years have passed since I graduated from MUK-University and this September I´ll be back to hold a week of workshops for "the offspring".
I am so happy about this great opportunity! Thanks to the head of the dance department Nikolaus Selimov and the MUK-staff.

residency with tanja erhart in london

I am so happy to announce that I will have the chance to work and create together with the wonderful Tanja Erhart as part of her residency in the frame of "Change Makers"-Project  at Southbank Centre in London this July. What an honour!


Please also have a look at this interview which Tanja gave last summer! I can´t wait to collaborate with her.


Time to push perceptions!


I will be teaching an inclusive Contemporary-Dance-Class for "Tanz die Toleranz" on July 30th at Seestadt Asparn and a "Contemporary meets Martial Arts"-summer-workshop at beat1060 from August 6th until August 9th. I look forward to moving with you!
Let´s dance!

For closer details please have a look at following links:

super[human] -  work-in-progress-showing

copyright by Nicky Webb
copyright by Nicky Webb

On April 25th the audience of "Tanz als Kunsterfahrung" - a public-learning-experience set up by D.ID and the Galerie "Wienerroither und Kohlbacher" - gave us the opportunity to share some of our ideas and research for our upcoming piece 
super[human] with a great audience at Palais Schönborn-Batthany, one of the most beautiful spaces in Vienna in the midst of Art-Works by Arotin & Serghei.
What an evening! We are most grateful for every body who showed up and supported us with their presence and feedback.

migrant bodies - moving borders

copyright by Max BIskup
copyright by Max BIskup

Together with D.ID - dance identity and many great partner-organizations and (dance-)artists I will be engaged in the EU-Project "Migrant Bodies - Moving Borders".

Migrant Bodies develops a shared international research, focusing on identifying, developing and testing new and relevant actions for the inclusion of refugees and migrants with dance and movement based initiatives.

This is moving. Bodies. And Borders.


new work in progress

copyright by Max Biskup
copyright by Max Biskup

I am happy to announce my engagement as choreographer for super[human] - a dance-performance for four dancers produced by D.ID-dance identity.
My wonderful dancers and me are already busy rehearsing.
Premiere will happen in fall 2018! Stay tuned!

Production: D.ID - dance identity
Dancers: Robyn (Hugo le Brigand), Maartje Pasman, Harmen Tromp, Laureen Drexler
Costumes: Gera Graf
Photo and Video: Max Biskup


I was lucky to teach and choreograph the inclusive project "BewegungsBegegnung" for a most wonderful group for "Tanz die Toleranz" and "BBA Laa" at Laa an der Thaya in Lower Austria. Thanks so much to Sophie, Veronika, my assisstant Mike and all the participants!

Check out the facebook-page from "Tanz die Toleranz" for updates and infos about their great projects:


copyright by Florian Voggeneder
copyright by Florian Voggeneder

"Give your ego a circle II" November 2017 at UNTEN Linz, I am very happy to announce my next performance "glitter" premiering March 2nd at #untenlinz. 
For closer details about UNTEN and breathtaking pictures of
"Give your ego a circle" taken by Florian Voggeneder at the last performance have a look at the official UNTEN facebook-page. 


#senki goes #indiyeah

I will have the pleasure to intensely engage in my study of the Martial Arts of Kalaripayattu in beautiful Kerala from late November 2017 until beginning of February 2018.
During this time I am best available through mail or whatsapp.
I will document my adventure here through weekly video-posts on Instagram. I look forward to sharing this big experience with you.
#senki goes #indiyeah


You can either find my Instgram-profile connected on my website or with this link:

we rocked mak!

copyright by Laurent Ziegler / unstill
copyright by Laurent Ziegler / unstill

Performing for and creating with Georg Blaschke, the wonderful team of M.A.P.-Vienna and my beloved fellow artists Manaho Shimokawa and Tomaz Simatovic was such a pleasureful experience. Thank you - You give me life! Big Thanks also to such a generous audience!

See here what the dance critcs wrote about "Antonio´s imaginary workshop". Short Spoiler: They liked it. ;)

Helmut Ploebst in "Der Standard":

Ditta Rudle in "":

Edith Wolf Perez in "":

"Antonio´s imaginary workshop"

credit: M.A.P. Vienna, after Antonio Mak
credit: M.A.P. Vienna, after Antonio Mak


My next upcoming project is "Antonio´s imaginary workshop" a contemporary dance-performance by M.A.P.-Vienna and Georg Blaschke premiering on November 3rd at WUK Museum Vienna.
I am so much looking forward to dancing this wonderful Trio-work together with my two colleagues Tomaz Simatovic and Manaho Shimokawa.
Checkt out the links and reserve your tickets!


"Antonio´s imaginary workshop"
Georg Blaschke / Choreografie & künstlerische Leitung
Katharina Senk / Choreografie & Performance 
Tomaž Simatovic / Choreografie & Performance 
Manaho Shimokawa / Choreografie & Performance 
Hanna Hollmann / Kostümgestaltung 
Christian Schröder / Musikgestaltung 
Sabine Wiesenbauer / Lichtgestaltung & Technik
Raffaela Gras / Produktion M.A.P. Vienna

the official trailer for "amor hereos" is online!

Der offizielle Trailer für "amor hereos" von c h o r e i a ist online. Viel Spaß beim Anschauen!

Choreographie Barbara Ebner, Daniela-Katrin Strobl
Tanz Katharina Senk Textcollage Sophie Steinbeck Regieassistenz Dagmar Tröstler Licht/Technik Andreas Zemann Bühne/Kostüm Anne Schartmann Produktion Susanne Rosenlechner


"stretching the physicality of dance"

copyright by Ute Haufe
copyright by Ute Haufe

I was invited as a lecturer at the conference "tanz-körper-erweiterung" in berlin to talk about my thesis and discuss how "difference" could be taught in dance-educational institutions with my fellow lecturers Corinna Mindt, Susanne Schneider and Silke Schönfleisch  and many wonderful participants and colleagues.
Thanks so much to "tanzfähig", Evelyne Wohlfahrter und Bernhard Richarz, to HZT Berlin, Dachverband Tanz and to all the wonderful humans who joined the conference. I am grateful for your energy, warm heartedness and dedication!

Let's keep on stretching the physicality of dance!!!

You can download the transcript from my Lecture below. More infos about this wonderful conference you can find here:

Impulsvortrag - TanzKörperErweiterung - Katharin Senk
Transkript - TanzKörperErweiterung.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 56.4 KB

senk goes scholarship(s)

copyright by Christian Ariel Heredia
copyright by Christian Ariel Heredia

I´m extremely thankful, moved and touched from getting the chance to take part in this years danceWEB-scholarship-programme, which will happen in the frame of ImPulsTanz-Festival in Vienna. This is a once-in-a-lifetime-experience and I can´t wait to finally get started!
Find closer details about the danceWEB-Programme here:

And there are still more good news to come - but this time in German:
Ich freue mich sehr das österreischische Startstipendium vom Bundeskanzleramt für Kunst und Kultur erhalten zu haben. Die Endergebnisse meiner sechsmonatigen künstlerischen Arbeitsphase darf ich Ende April 2018 in Wien präsentieren. Ihr dürft gespannt sein! Ich bin es auch!
Nähere Informationen zum Startstipendium findet ihr hier:

senkische sommerworkshops

copyright by Markus Jakob Eggensperger
copyright by Markus Jakob Eggensperger

Ich werde diesen Sommer wieder ein paar mal in Wien unterrichten und freue mich auf viele bekannte und unbekannte Gesichter. Und Körper. Und Herzen. Und Menschen. Let´s move together! 

Im beat1060 darf ich mich am 19. und 20. August gleich auf zwei Workshops freuen:
"floor work" - 14:00-15:30
"contemporary intermediate" - 15:35-17:05

Mehr Infos und Anmeldung bitte unter:

Und für Tanz die Toleranz gebe ich am 28. August von 19:00-21:00 einen kostenlosen Zeitgenössischen Tanzworkshop in "Die Fabrik" in der Seestadt Aspern. Just mon_dance!

Nähere Infos zu diesem tollen Projekt unter:


dance photo shooting

Katharina Senk dancer at Kunsthaus Bregenz; Adrian Villar Rojas 2017; Photo: Rudolf Sagmeister
Katharina Senk dancer at Kunsthaus Bregenz; Adrian Villar Rojas 2017; Photo: Rudolf Sagmeister

I had the pleasure of doing another dance-photoshooting with wonderful photographer and curator Rudolf Sagmeister at Kunsthaus Bregenz in Vorarlberg.
This time amidst the breathtaking Art from Adrian Villar Rojas.

Find and enjoy more photos on my "senk.i" - Instagram Account:

tanz körper erweiterung - konferenz in berlin

copyright by Benjamin Cocaign
copyright by Benjamin Cocaign

I am happy to officially announce my invitation as a guest-speaker to "tanz körper erweiterung - stretching the physicality of dance"-Conference in Berlin upcoming summer.
I can´t wait to share  and discuss my observations, experience and the findings of my Bachelor Thesis on Inclusion in Contemporary Dance Education-University-Programmes in Austria.
Special Thanks to "tanzfähig", Evelyne Wohlfahrter and Mirjam Steinbock.
Check out the Conference - It´s so wonderful to see how many people are dedicated to opening up the World of Contemporary Dance and making it more accessible for every_body!


my world is brOKen - bg/brg oberschützen

Theatre/Dance-Performance in Cooperation with BG/BRG Oberschützen. Premiering on Tuesday, 23rd of May, 19:30, at "OHO"-Theater in Oberwart (Burgenland).
Special Thanks to Franz Stangl for his wonderful and dedicated work, to Kultur Kontakt Austria and Culture Connected! Come and watch!

Offenes Haus Oberwart
Lisztgasse 12
7400 Oberwart


copyright by Tanz die Toleranz
copyright by Tanz die Toleranz

On May 5th we´ve kicked off rehearsals for the choreographic project "MOVing_futures" in Maria Enzersdorf (NÖ). The teenagers and I are really looking forward to our final sharing on May 26th. Join us!
#TanzfürAlle  #TanzdieToleranz #MOVing_futures


Click here for more details:

Haus St. Gabriel
Gabrielerstraße 171/6
2344 Maria Enzersdorf


amor hereos - choreia

copyright by Christoph Varga
copyright by Christoph Varga

"amor hereos" will premiere at Theaterbrett in Vienna on June 30th with another performance on July 1st. 
Check out the flyer and secure your ticket!

copyright by Verein Choreia
copyright by Verein Choreia

Eine Tänzerin bewegt sich im Alltag, der ihr Halt bietet und zugleich Gefahr birgt sich ohnmächtig in Emotionen zu verlieren. Mit sich selbst kämpfend sucht sie nach Möglichkeiten sich ihrer Abhängigkeit zu stellen. Eine Spirale, der sie nur langsam entkommt.
In amor hereos werden die ambivalenten Gefühle der Liebe und ihre physischen Zustände ergründet. Woran halten wir fest, worin verlieren wir uns und wohin führt das scheinbare ausgeliefert sein?

Choreographie Barbara Ebner, Daniela-Katrin Strobl
Tanz Katharina Senk Textcollage Sophie Steinbeck Regieassistenz Dagmar Tröstler Licht/Technik Andreas Zemann Bühne/Kostüm Anne Schartmann Produktion Susanne Rosenlechner