curriculum vitae

Katharina Senk



Nationality: Austria                                                                                           
Date-of-Birth: 6.10.1991
Languages: German (mother tongue), English (fluent),
French (basic), Latin (good)
Height: 174cm


Steindlgasse 6/24
1010 Vienna
+43699 10192298          

Educational Background and Scholarships:

  • November 2017-February 2018: three months intensive training in the martial arts style of „Kalaripayattu“ at Hindustan Kalari Sangam in Kerala (India)

  • Summer 2017: holder of danceWEB-Scholarship

  • July 2017-April 2018: holder of „Start-Scholarship“ awarded by the Austrian State

  • February 2016: Award for Bachelor Thesis (exploring the importance of inclusion within institutions of Contemporary Dance education in Austria) by the City of Vienna

  • September 2015-June 2016: Holder of 12-months Scholarship for Tanzquartier Wien

  • 2011-June 2015: Konservatorium Wien Privatuniversität der Stadt
    Bachelor-Studies “Contemporary and Classical Dance“
    Faculty and Guest Teachers: Andrea Amort, Esther Balfe, Leslie Hughes, Christina Medina, Virginie Roy, Nikolaus Selimov, Nicole Berndt-Caccivio, Robert Hewitt, Simon Mayer, Mani Obeya, Saju Hari…

  • 2010-2011: „English and American Studies“ at the University of Vienna

  • 2009-2011: Dance- and Movement Pedagogy at Performdance Vienna

  • 2001-2010: High School-Education at Graduation at BG Stockerau (Lower Austria)


Choreographic Work:

  • super[human] (premiering in  fall 2018)
    Dance-Performance for four dancers, produced by D.ID-dance identity

  • non_yielding (2018)
    Collaboration with Tanja Erhart at "Unlimited Festival" in London (UK)
  • migrant bodies – moving borders (2018-2019)
    engaged as dance-artist and choreographer in the international EU-project “migrant bodies”

  • GLITTER (2018)
    Solo-Performance at “UNTEN” in Linz (AUT)

  • “Give your Ego a Circle I” and “Give your Ego a Circle II” (2017)
    Solo-Performances at “UNTEN” in Linz (AUT)

  • My world is brOKen (2017)
    Collaboration with OHO-Theater in Burgenland (AUT)

  • Body&Bosch (2016)
    Outdoor Opening-Performance in Den Bosch (NLD)
    Collaboration with “D.ID”,“Bosch 500” and “Hedendaagse dans”

  • Friedrich Rückert (2016)
    Collaboration with Actor Oliver Leidenfrost

  • medusa (2016)
    Solo-Performance at
    Sanatta Görünürlük Festivali in Istanbul

  • Der blöde Ritter (2015)
    Choreography for Ballet, in cooperation with BG Oberschützen and „Kunstuniversität Graz“



  • insect train (2018)
    performing for ImPulsTanz-Festival at Odeon Wien
    -choreographed by Florentina Holzinger and Cecilia Bengolea

  • Antonio´s imaginary workshop (2017)
    performing for M.A.P. Vienna at WUK Vienna
    - choreographed by Georg Blaschke

  • seismic session (2017)
    performing for ImPulsTanz-Festival at Secession Wien
    - choreographed by Doris Uhlich

  • amor hereos (2017)
    performing for “choreia” at Theaterbrett Vienna
    - choreographed by Barbara Ebner and Daniela Strobl

  • Perfect Stranger (2017)
    performing “for” at Kosmostheater Vienna
    - choreographed by Gisela E. Heredia

  • A body is a brain boom tschak (2015)
    at mdw-Vienna - choreographed by Doris Uhlich

  • Space Invaders  (2015)
    performing for “@ttendance”-Company at Kunsthaus Graz
    – choreographed by Christina Medina

  • Floor on Fire – Battle of Styles (2015)
    dancing for “Team Austria” at Festspielhaus St. Pölten

  • BROWN, KING & UHLICH (2015)
    performing for ImPulsTanzFestival at Akademietheater Wien
    „Energetic Bodies“ choreographed by Doris Uhlich
    „Set and Reset /Reset“ choreographed by Trisha Brown; arranged by Shelley  Senter

    „Schwanensee Remixed“ by Liz King and Catherine Guerin; arranged by Esther Balfe

  • Golden Jumpers (2015)
    at „Lange Nacht des Tanzes Bleiburg“ - choreographed by Anton Lachky

  • The White Horn (2015)

    performing for Tanz Company Gervasi in the frame of ImPulsTanzFestival
     at Malersaal/Arsenal Wien - choreographed by Elio Gervasi

  • UNDERWORLDS (2014 &2015)

    performing for „D.ID - dance identity“ in Austria and Hungary - choreographed by Liz King

  • Variations on Forsythe (2014)
    at MUTH – Theater Wien in the frame of Kons/tanzt -choreographed by Douglas Becker

  • notes on blank 1 (2014)

    at MUTH –Theater Wien in the frame of Kons/tanzt - choreographed by Willi Dorner


Curriculum Vitae
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