Katharina internationally works as a facilitator for Dance and Movement.

Here you find a list of institutions where Katharina was and is sharing her dance- and movement practices and curiosity:

ImPulsTanz - Festival in Vienna
Tanz die Toleranz - Austria
beat1060 - Vienna
Body-Focus Group - an all-age company of semi-professional dancers, creating wonderful movements in Burgenland

Masterclass for "International Exchange Symposium" in collaboration with Tanz die Toleranz (2020)
Public-Moves workshops in the frame of Kultursommer Wien and ImPulsTanz-Festival (2020)

Resident choreographer and facilitator for YouthDanceCompany in Vienna (2020)

Schäxpir Festival 2019 in Linz (Upper Austria)

TQW - Tanzquartier Wien 2018 and 2019
Migrant Bodies - Moving Borders; EU-Project with partner instutions in Croatia, France, Italy and Austria - 2018/2019
Hindustan Kalari Sangam in Kerala (India) 2017 and 2019
MUK-Universität Vienna - Guest-Teachier in 2018
Workshops and Masterclasses in Kerala together with Anjana M.R. in 2019
Self-organized Kalari-Training for Professional Dancers  in Vienna in 2019
Workshops and Choreographies for Schauergym Wels in 2018 and 2019
MonDance - Summer Programme at Aspern-Seestadt (Vienna)
Staff of Dance-Department of Schauergymnasium in Wels (Upper Austria) in 2016/2017
Frisch getanzt - Workshop-Festival (Vienna) in 2018
Tanz.Körper.Erweiterung - Konferenz in Berlin (Germany) in 2017

Dschungel Wien - Theaterhaus für Junges Publikum 2015
Kunstuniversität Graz (Styria) 2015
Ich bin O.K.  in Vienna from 2012 - 2015

Contemporary meets Martial Arts

Next Workshop-Opportunity:
August 6th-9th
at beat1060
in Millergasse 42-44, 1060 Vienna

Inspired by the millennium-old Indian martial art "Kalarippayattu", participants of the "Contemporary meets Martial Arts"-classes can work with Katharina Senk to explore the interfaces between dance and fight. Both arts deal with the body, consciousness and presence in different ways. By connecting these "worlds" new possibilities and approaches of movement are discovered.
With specific technique exercises, improvisations and partner work, participants can familiarize their bodies with the Kalari movement language and find out how awakening the inner warrior influences and widens access to their very own personal dance style.


inclusive dance-project in cooperation with
"Tanz die Toleranz" and BBA-Laa

for closer details about the work of BBA-Laa click here:


intercultural dance-project for teenagers in cooperation with "Tanz die Toleranz" and "Caritas - Haus St. Gabriel"




for closer details to the amazing work of "Tanz die Toleranz" click here:



copyright by Laurent Ziegler
copyright by Laurent Ziegler


teaching and working with the wonderful students from the dance department of BG/BRG Wels in a workshop-intensive with performances at "Stadttheater Wels" on 1st and 2nd of june


BG/BRG Wels Dr. Schauer Straße
Dr.-Schauer-Straße 9
4600 Wels


copyright by Markus Eggensperger
copyright by Markus Eggensperger


contemporary dance - workshop
for free and open for all levels!
as a part of "Tanz die Toleranz"- "Saturdance"


11. Februar 2017


1160 Wien



copyright by Julia Scharinger
copyright by Julia Scharinger


contemporary dance - workshop

with special focus on floorwork-basics


27.-28. August 2016

beat 1060
Millergasse 42-44
1060 Wien







copyright by beat1060
copyright by beat1060

schauergym wels

faculty member of dance department

working with kids and teenagers aged 10-18 years
from April 2016 - March 2017


BG/BRG Wels Dr. Schauer Straße
Dr.-Schauer-Straße 9
4600 Wels

ich bin o.k.

faculty member
working with kids, teens and young adults
with and without disabilities
from September 2012 - June 2015


"Ich bin o.k."
Kultur- und Bildungsverein der Menschen mit und ohne Behinderung
Goethegasse 1


copyright by Bernhard Kummer
copyright by Bernhard Kummer